3 hours x 6 weeks = 1 book

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QUESTION: When is it possible to write a 10,000-word book in three hours a week over the course of 6 weeks?

ANSWER: When you translate the ideas you’ve been sharing in your evolving keynote into print format.

Now I’m in the process of soliciting critical reader feedback, design support and printing quotes. The goal is to have a small format book titled OMG: What if I really AM the best person? available for sale in advance of Christmas at an affordable price that will extend its motivational impact to a lot more women who could and should be speaking up in Canadian public discourse.

I’m hoping to build on the brilliance of my good friend, Al Etmanski. His own recent book, Impact – Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation, was a Canadian best-seller within days of publication. Chock-full of deep insights into the topic and practical strategies for changing the world, it’s also illustrated with inspired examples of people who’ve already done so. Impact is living up to its name.

And Al is a living embodiment of his principle of collaboration. He approached dozens of people in his vast network of colleagues and fans seeking partners who would — recognizing the value of his experience-informed insights — help get the book into the hands of those who could make use of it.

Imitation being not only the highest form of flattery, but also a smart thing to do when you recognize a great idea, I’m following suit. In the coming weeks, I’ll be reaching out to the many organizations who have partnered with Informed Opinions to help amplify women’s voices in pursuit of bridging the gender gap in public discourse.

If you’re affiliated with one of those, and think that a short, engaging print version of my talk about the importance of women’s voices in the media would be of interest to your members, employees or supporters, I’d love to hear from you.

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