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Imagine if we lived in a world where women were supported in sharing their unique insights and formidable talents at every opportunity…

In pursuit of realizing just such a world, for the past six years I’ve been encouraging women across the country, through Informed Opinions, to overcome that little-but-loud voice so many of us harbour inside. You know the one — it often blurts out, “I’m not really the best person” when we’re invited to speak at a conference, take on a stretch assignment or respond to a media interview request.

OMG: What if I really AM the best person? features the humour, stories, images and research from my keynote in an engaging, accessible package designed by the fabulous Emily Chen. Its motivational message makes it a compelling reminder to all women of why the world needs their voices. Order your copy today.

I’m also reaching out to the many organizations who have partnered with Informed Opinions to help amplify women’s voices in pursuit of bridging the gender gap in public discourse. If you’re affiliated with one of those, and think that a short, engaging print version of my previously titled talk “Overcoming Anonymous” or “Why Women Should Speak Up” would be of interest to your members, employees or supporters, I’d love to hear from you.